• Lounges - Places to relax, read or watch TV
  • Internet Room - Surf the net or watch the local news in privacy and comfort
  • FREE WiFi - Use your own device to go online
  • Private Rooms - 14 private rooms are available for your use
  • Spa Pool - A spacious spa pool is available within our facility
  • Steam Room - Our steam room is one of many forms of hot entertainment at Centurian (very popular!)
  • Suckatorium - Split level area; glory holes, porn monitors - all at the right height ;)
  • Maze - Centurian features a unique maze that is changed periodically
  • Sling Rooms - For those interested in something a bit on the wild side, continuous porn is also played in these rooms.
  • Douche Toilets - A Unique feature of Centurian Sauna is the douche toilets -  the water is warm and the units are always kept clean
  • Gay Movie Cinema - Watch Gay porno movies on our large twin screens.
  • Locker Room - Lock your valuables away securely before entering our Sauna (valubles can also be checked in via the counter.
  • Dry Sauna - A warm place to relax and let off steam

Sauna Hygiene

Two staff are employed every day to clean for 4 hours prior to opening to guarantee a sanitary, clean venue.

We endeavour to keep the premises clean through your entire visit.

Maintenance and repairs are carried out on a daily basis to ensure nothing is left looking tired or damaged (everything works!).

Our staff are always available to assist you and make sure your time with us is as relaxing as possible.

All our staff are well versed in First Aid, should you need it.