Loyalty Card

The Centurian loyalty card gives you one FREE visit after 10 paid visits.

How do I get one?

Just ask our friendly duty manager for a card on your next visit.

How does it work?

When you tell us your LOYALTY card number or present your LOYALTY card, we will enter it into our computer system and deduct each visit, counting down from ten until you get a FREE visit! Then we renew your card and you start again counting down until your next FREE visit! Our loyalty card is anonymous, avaliable to anyone and does not expire!

What are the conditions?

You must give us your card - before you pay for entry to the Sauna. Cards cannot be altered retrospectively. If you forget to show your card before you enter, then that visit cannot be deducted from your total.

The data contained in the computer system referring to each card number remains the property of Centurian Sauna 2007 Ltd and can be cancelled at any time for any reason.